Smooth functioning, better productivity, and cost savings can only lead to effective business growth. Customer relationship Management (CRM) by Zoho is a strategy to find more leads, automatic workflow, provide customer support, and manage sales and marketing processes on a single platform. Sounds Interesting? Hire Zoho CRM Certified Consultant today!


Let’s take an overview of the key features of Zoho CRM to evaluate its benefits for your business growth.

Key Features of Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is designed to optimize business processes for better management and to increase sales. The features of Zoho CRM that benefits you in business management are mentioned below:

1.Lead Management: – From capturing quality leads to tracking and closing deals, CRM helps you in each step. Capturing leads from landing pages on social media, websites, or any other source, and tracking them by sending follow up emails automatically, and converting the interested leads into your happy customers.

2.Contact Management: – It helps you to organize all your business contact at a single place. Save all the details regarding your customers, social media interactions, past call records, and future requirements for communication.

3.Deal Management: – This feature enables you to view the complete details of your ongoing and future deals. You can also check the details regarding unsuccessful deals, and can analyze the reason for losing customers. Track your deals and update the data showing the status of the deal.

4.E-mail Management: – Zoho CRM Solutions take full control of e-mails that is a core function of any business. It helps to prioritize your incoming e-mails, analyze responses, and ensures routine follow-up with your customers.

5.Marketing & Sales Automation: – This feature helps in automating the marketing & sales process by replacing it with the manual working of your team, and hence saves time and money both. It analyzes the needs of the customers and conducts marketing campaigns through email or social media. It increases your ROI over marketing spends.

6.Customization: – You can customize operations, modules, layouts, and build a custom function for your business profile. Set-up unique actions by feeding the required information, then you will be transferred to another stage. This automatic workflow reduces manual working and errors. You can always be business-ready by using CRM on mobile.

To Wrap Up

Zoho CRM will help you to manage your organization structure and workflow; it will also help to maintain better customer relationship. CloudLynda is one of the successful running Cloud Consulting Companies and has all the expertise to provide efficient services. Talk to our experts to discuss your project today!


Role of Zoho CRM Certified Solutions for Business Growth

How Zoho CRM is important for Business development?

Modern Technology brings the most convenient ways to grow your business globally. With Zoho CRM, manual working and maintenance of records are not required anymore. It makes our business more productive and generates more revenue.


It’s not uncommon that the businesses not using technology use pen and paper, registers, and spreadsheets to keep their records and for maintaining daily activities. Manual working may be prone to lots of errors, which can result in loss of leads and decreases business potential. That is why; Zoho CRM Certified Solutions will work best for your business growth.

Role of Zoho CRM in your Business Growth

Implementing Zoho technology enables you to increase your productivity through Automatic Workflow function that reduces errors in various organizational processes. It also raises your capability to attend more leads carefully that helps in converting your main leads into customers in minimum time. Thus, Zoho serves as a technology that saves your time and money.

You can set up a customized sale process with Zoho CRM; this process will help you to progress in business growth by generating more revenue. There are three stages for sale process that are:

1. Generating Leads

2. Qualifying Leads

3. Selling Products/Services

So, do you understand the word ‘Lead’? Lead is that person or company, which is interested in your products or services. Generating leads from the through any medium is the main concern of marketers of the company.

You can capture leads through Web forms created by Zoho CRM on your website or social media platforms. It enables you to send emails to people to market your product in the targeted audience.

Sending manual emails to follow up with your leads is time-consuming. Here, Zoho Workflow automation can ease your work. You can set up custom roles, which help in sending automatic follow up emails to leads.

If the customer agrees to get your services or products, it means you have qualified your lead. Then you can work to form a contract, or agreement with the customer. Zoho CRM manages the multiple accounts of the customers for different services in your organization, which helps you to understand your inventory and need for the production.


Adapting Zoho technology is a smart business strategy, which enables you to grow your business wider in less time. If you tend to grow your business, don’t waste your time in manual working, and try Zoho.


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Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider for Business Needs

Innovations and Inventions have made everything so easy to do in this world with the help of various computer softwares. Computers are helping people to do the things that they never wondered for, and this development has derived our mind to expect more possibilities. Some of the big businesses have developed their software to a great extent.

You must also have lots of thoughts and ideas to run your business smoothly.

So what are you waiting for?

Hire a Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider today!

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Discuss your project with professionals and get the custom solutions for your business needs. Start your journey with Zoho and its suite of apps. Zoho Creator is a platform that builds customized standard apps that suit your business profile.

Zoho Tools to Improve Management & Workflow

When gets started with Zoho Creator, the tools will facilitate you in various ways to improve your business management.

Set Benchmarks with Custom Reporting:

Create custom charts with Zoho creator and generate specific reports that are suitable for your business. Set Benchmarks or identify trends to gain actionable insights through Creator. These insights require automated decided actions. Zoho allows you to analyze business information in detail and optimizing your potential.

Improved Performance & Mobility:

Zoho Creator builds custom applications for your business needs to automate your business workflow and reduces workload. Easily manage data and collaborate with a team using form-level sharing. Stay connected with your business through native mobile apps. You can take your data everywhere and accesses it from anywhere.

Zoho CRM Integration:

If you are building an application for your business, it must integrate with your other apps to get the desired information about your business suite. Zoho Creator integrates with other Zoho apps, Google Apps, Quickbooks, etc. to gather your information. You don’t need input your data manually into the app.

Workflow Automation to simplify work:

Built-in workflow automation is time-saving. Generate specific actions based on customer actions and track the information in the database. Use conditional statements and functions to configure approval systems. Define standard rules for the process and get full control over your business functionality. Set up notifications, reminders, and schedule tasks to avoid delays and ensure customer satisfaction.

Summing Up

It’s great to have custom apps for your business that save time and money. Zoho integrations also attract, retain, and satisfy your customers by providing an excellent user interface.

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Every Company, either large or small, are adopting cloud platform for business purposes. The popularity of Cloud is such massive that there is hardly any company not using the cloud. There are many reasons for migrating to Cloud, but it is essential for the successful running of the business. You can plan your migration to cloud with Cloud Computing Consulting Services, which will release your huge workload.

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Why Migrate to Cloud?

With the changing world, technologies are advancing and updating day by day. We need to adopt those technologies to stay in the competition.

Migrating to cloud provides you immense benefits in terms of storage, speed, processing of data, security, cost, and many more. It requires a lot of resources and proper planning for migration to the cloud.

Planning should be done based on evaluation for need of switching, observations, understanding the situation you are facing right now, and target you want to reach.

The Migration Strategies

Once you have decided to switch to the cloud after planning with the required resources, you have to follow a strategy to achieve the desired target. It is essential to understand the current environment, reliance, licenses, type of servers, and applications. There are many strategies to follow, but Rehost, Revise, and Refacto are the three most common. These are most commonly used by almost any organization to migrate to the cloud.

1. Rehost:- This is the most commonly used strategy used for migration to the cloud. It involves lifting a part of the application or complete application from the current cloud environment and then shifting it to the new cloud. The host configuration is changed while shifting the applications. It needs less operational cost and it doesn’t disturb the existing cloud environment.

2. Revise:-This is the modification of the Rehost strategy. In this, the part of the application or the entire application is optimized before shifting. Optimization helps in better performance of the applications. Companies can get more cloud benefits with this approach.

3. Refacto:- This is the most complex among all and it is not similar to the other two. This approach makes a change in the architecture of the application. This is an expensive strategy but has long-term benefits of the cloud. This strategy is time-consuming and needs intense knowledge of cloud platform.


CloudLynda ensures proper management, privacy, and workflow of your data and applications. CloudLynda also offers Zoho CRM Integration that helps you to customize your website and create custom applications for your business. You can also use Zoho Online Meeting for attending important conferences in between your hectic schedule.


Therefore, Migrating to the cloud with proper planning and well-developed strategies will drive your business to success.

Advantages of Zoho Workflow Automation for Growing Business

The Success of your business lies in the strength of your weakest link that means a small crack on the weakest part of the structure can lead to collapse the whole building. The operational capability of an organization is its ability to execute any work.

Every Operation includes a workflow. The successful and productive business has efficient and smooth steps of the workflow. Zoho Workflow Automation helps an organization to plan, design and execute the workflow.


There is a workflow for sales, customer services, or for any other services in Businesses. With the latest features of Zoho CRM, management can design and plan the overall process to tie up between various departments. Important procedures are set up, and the documentation process is automatically generated through Zoho CRM.

Facilities Provided by Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM facilitates automation, validation, and collaboration of teams for your business process that makes your working more efficient.

Zoho may be used for

Order Management

Lead generation and follow-up

Enroll New Customers

Closing deals

You can layout your whole process graphically and easily link various stages. The workflow is automatically generated if the user completes one stage by taking the required action, and then filling the updated details. The process is then transferred to the next stage for further actions by the other authority.

Zoho CRM is designed for facilitating you to execute a business process in a systematic manner. With the help of Zoho, you can

Manage every stage in a process and include the right staff for each stage

Important Information Context is mandatory

Guide team members throughout the process

Automate routine actions

You can create a To-do-list for every team so that they complete these tasks on priority. You can also provide the facility to users to enter notes about their work.

Workflow Automation is one capability of Zoho CRM that can be linked with:

1. Automate your marketing, sales and business Process

2. Setting up Approval processes and collecting records

3. Take User-defined actions through the function at a particular time

4. Create a set of actions to perform in different stages to maintain the workflow

5. Focus on important leads and scoring to prioritize records


If you had like the assistance that Zoho CRM provides for automating the workflow for your business, Cloud Consulting Companies can offer the best services with a dedicated team of experts to automate fulfill business needs. Managed cloud is similarly important for setting up Zoho integration for your website.

CloudLynda works with professional Zoho creators to set up a managed cloud, and to promote your business globally by customized Zoho applications.

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Why You Need Managed Cloud Computing Consulting Services?

Managing data storage with the help of cloud computing is a smart move for your business. For maintaining the cloud environment, there is the best way to hire a specialized firm for Cloud Computing Consulting Services. This team will serve as an outsourced third party for the overall management of the cloud infrastructure of your organization.


When should you Hire Managed Cloud Service?

You can form your own dedicated team if your business has the expertise and technical personnel that can manage tools, applications, and IT infrastructure of your cloud environment. This will help you in getting complete transparency, and control over your cloud.

On the other side, if you don’t have the resources, just hire an experienced Cloud Computing Service Providers to work on your behalf. You don’t need to put any efforts and time for a managed cloud, and can only focus on developing your business instead.

That’s why many medium and small enterprises get managed cloud services without hiring any extra staff for that work and take advantage of third party service.

Why should you hire a Managed cloud service?

There are various advantages of hiring a outsource for cloud management

  • Fixed Charges- Pay a fixed monthly charge for a customized service plan.

  • No Revision Worries- Technology is upgrading with time. So, if you hire a firm for cloud services, they will work on your part with professionals while you need to train your team time to time with the change in software working.

  • Round-the-Clock Security- They provide 24X7 cloud support, monitoring and data transfer facility that assures advanced security of the cloud.

  • Excellent Service by Hybrid- Mixing and matching different clouds is the best Cloud computing method. Professional Service providers will do it as per business requirements, and manage everything on their own, which release workloads on your shoulder.

With a trusted company for cloud computing services, you can create your own cloud structure, and get assured for smooth running without worrying for its security.

How does Zoho Developer help in Cloud Application?

It is a Cloud Platform to design cloud applications ready to use on the top of Zoho Platform. It enables to build business-level applications in less time. Zoho Creator Developers will create a customized IT environment for your business, and develop applications accordingly to match business requirements that can be accessed from a single click.


Therefore, opt for a managed cloud service that works independently without taking your time and power. CloudLynda offers managed cloud services that let you customize your hybrid cloud environment and develop an overall strategy to maintain a managed cloud continuously.

Go Hybrid by using Multi Clouds with Cloud Consulting Companies

Cloud computing forms a service platform and can work without any direct active management by the users. You can work over a distributed area and can access data from multiple locations through the internet. Cloud service can be limited for a single firm i.e. Enterprise Clouds, for multiple firms i.e. Public Cloud or for both i.e. hybrid cloud. Multi Cloud Computing improves the IT infrastructure of the company and applications run faster with its great data storage abilities. Cloud Consulting Companies are working hard by using platforms like Microsoft azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Clouds in cloud market.


Benefits of using Multi-cloud

For security purposes, keeping the company’s record in one place seems the best way to save the data. However, the structure of using multiple cloud services has impressive list of benefits.

  1. Risk of DDoS attacks reduces

Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) happens when various computer systems attacks a server or a website and user lose control over the service. Single cloud can be severe for such attacks and when you use multi-cloud in your website, another cloud will be there if one is hacked.

  1. Multi-cloud is Reliable

If Single points of failure occur on your website, you can rely on multi-clouds. Hosting of your business components using multi-clouds is reliable. Your data will be safe in one or another cloud.

  1. Flexibility of Usage

You can adjust your cloud elements according to your business scale. If your business is becoming bigger, you can add elements or applications accordingly. You can also reduce the cloud components, therefore.

  1. Optimize Cost-Performance

Transferring your system to the cloud can reduce the expenses on hardware, servers, etc. Find the right Cloud Consulting Companies to serve your needs and match your business profile.

  1. Management of Data

Every data is not used daily, so it is to be divided accordingly. Keeping different data in the right place is important. You have to upload, analyze, and download data online. So it is important to keep data in packages. Cloud providers will build it for you and make processing & functioning faster.

  1. Self Management

You don’t have to spend time managing data or manpower; a cloud service provider will take care of all the functionalities and works best for the security.

Cloud improves the IT infrastructure and helps you in growing your business worldwide without worrying about distribution and security of data. Zoho CRM Certified Consultant presents numerous benefits and promises more leads by working with a team of experts. Hire the best firm and go multi-cloud.